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Global warming :
An increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes). Actually we do not require radical changes to help the earth became more friendly. Change some our routines that can reduce the carbon. But the important thing is we can give our children a better place for the live.
Why no to plastic ?
Trillions of plastic bags have been used and discarded globally. They don’t break down easily, taking up to 1,000 years which means these ‘convenient’ carry bags are accumulating in the environment at a staggering rate. These light-weight shopping bags, designed for single-use are easily carried by wind, escaping from rubbish bins and landfills. The issues resulting from plastic bag litter are common across continents and countries, waterways and oceans. Plastic bags become a choking hazard for wildlife, especially marine animals and even when ‘degraded’ into smaller pieces are even more of a threat from mistaken ingestion right up the food chain. Some countries have taken action to reduce plastic bag litter because of specific consequences of accumulating bags such as flooding and malaria. Many countries and cities around the world are now taking action against plastic bags, all with the motivation of reducing rubbish and protecting the natural environment.
Why use Cotton Bags ?
Eco-friendly cotton bags, reusable bags are a popular and environmental friendly alternative to the paper or plastic bags that we all grew up with. They save resources and cut down on pollution and littering. However, Eco-friendly cotton bags, reusable bags can be used for much more than carrying grocery.
Our Promotion
As a promotional activity to make use of cotton bags the company is involved in offering free Eco-friendly cotton bags to various society. Some of our regular bags to the international market are :




Colorded Handle & Border

Colorded Gusset & Handle

Shopping Bag

Pinted Bags